Power of COPYWRITING = Wealth

You would know way more about the power of the written words than 99% of business owners out there sound good cool so here’s how it’s gonna work so how to turn words into cash now.

What am I talking about I’m talking about the skill of copywriting so let me ask you a question first of all when I say this most entrepreneurs don’t even have to have I have no clue what exactly is copywriting they’re thinking or are you thinking like trademark like copyright righ T No so tell me what from your point of view what exactly is copywriting.

Just yell the answer hmm clickbait what do you mean marketing okay yeah writing in a way that convinced will do something not bad yes act yes persuasive copy yes okay model something already worked in my place with known content yes okay motivate them getting excited to buy yes written communication to express the valley now notice how many can hear a lot of different definitions yes that’s the first issue because people get confused is it marketing is it advertising is it the written words is it to get them excited exactly what do I do with this thing so is it beneficial to just let’s define them as a first step yes so there’s no confusion so what exactly is copyrighted the old definition of cooperating by many many good copywriters from the past we’re talking about 20 30 50 years ago is writing is salesmanship in print

It could also be saleswoman ship in print just for now the old definition is cooperating itself spin ship in print now the keyword being there is sells what’s the keyword now sells it means we’re here it’s writing that has only one purpose and is to what sell it’s a sell and it’s a sell so sales mention in print and I think that’s a pretty good definition but I think it’s a little bit out of date compared to now we also have social media Facebook a lot of different things when copywriters marketers came up with that definition many years ago we we were we mean we’re talking about printed advertising we are talking about like direct mail sales letters but now there’s so many other forms of media yes so he’s my new definition write this down cooperating is using the written word using the word written word to start and hence or extend a relationship with a customer that includes salesmanship or saleswoman ship in a print

I’ll say it again copywriting is using the written word to start and hands or extend a relationship with the customer that includes salesmanship in print okay that’s the new definition new definition how many of you like this definition better okay it covers a broader spectrum start and hands or extend a relationship you got it okay so with cooperating so why why is that important who could tell me why is that important okay and you know the objective okay but why is cooperating and point it gets your message out there okay building relationship okay it’s like dating how no but why is that important there why is cooperating important getting close getting close yes credibility part of it okay let me rephrase the question how does that Woodlake to making money why is it important when it comes to influencing yes yes but why not yourselves why not why cooperating it’s what good answer here’s the thing how many of you were here last month when I did the experiment remember what I said communication equals what wealth right it’s down communication equals wealth.

So communication equal if communication equals wealth it means the more people you communicate to you deliver your value to the more money going to make yes so if you’re selling one-on-one what’s your ratio is what one to one if you’re selling to one to fifty a hundred your ratio is one to one 100 now but with cooperating what is your ratio you guys hear that cheating somebody just bought something from my website and I’m not there selling without my physical presence another to change somebody just bought something for my website I’m not there it’s simply the power of my written words you think of all the formants communication skill sales how many Imported is saying you know sales is the number one ability that entrepreneur needs to have yes and I agree to start with you can’t even sell on one on one forget about being entrepreneur.

Forget about being a successful entrepreneur and then once you develop that if you’re good and you might one-to-many now I’m talking one to many many many more without you being there and that’s the power of the written word because of the word leverage what’s the word leverage and it’s 24/7 and it’s 24/7 and what’s fascinating is this as important as this skill I believe of all the skills of business copywriting is one of the most valuable and it’s the one that it made me the most amount of money and one of the least understood and least appreciated one of the least understood and least because whenever I talk about copywriting first of all people are not interested in it they just not interest in it you talk to entrepreneurs yes I want to learn how to sell great cooperating what the hell is that I’m not a writer yeah but they would spend hundreds thousand tens of thousands of dollars on driving traffic on running their ads on media but they never look at that’s the copy actually work and convert they would spend ten thousand for marketing budget they will not spend one thousand on the copy part of the mean least understood and least appreciated and with entrepreneurs they don’t understand the power of the written words but with you after the day I think you see this is an area in you pay attention to you regardless of what marketing you do regardless makes sense so least understood least appreciate it and that’s the good news that’s actually the good news why and I’m not asking you to be how many of you believe you’re not a good writer just be honest you’re like in writing is not my thing okay I’m like a more like a verbal communicator yes yes I’m not asking to be a writer my goal for this workshop is for you to just know enough that you would be able to tell the difference between back copy and good copy that’s that’s my goal for you so then when you hire professional you work with somebody or you’re doing your own copy.

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