How to USE INSTAGRAM for your Business

To Instagram or not to Instagram? We’re gonna talk about how to use Instagram to grow your business. No, Instagram is not where you exactly look at people with like sexy photos and all that nonsense. No , no, it is actually a very legitimate way to build audience, improve your tribe and help your business. I didn’t believe in it. I didn’t buy it. I was wrong. I always say, as I always say, never understate how incorrect you can be. Well, I was wrong. It was a mistake. It’s something that I wish I had done earlier. So today, I wanna give you at the least like three behaviors that you can do that starting today, what you can do right now. Build partisans, how to build admirers, I’ll positioned a relate somewhere here.

Make sure you go watch that, and then you can watch this video. But for now, let’s talk about how to us Instagram to grow your business. So tip number one is actually branding. Branding. And you had a lotta good tips-off on that, extremely. Right, so when it comes to labelling , now, you think about on YouTube when constructing videos, you can talk about your product and services, what you do, but when it is necessary to Instagram, it is a very rapid snapshot room of telling your legend. Yeah. And it’s like almost storytelling visually that you are able to share your theme. You can share your fascination. You can share your product and services through likenes, that when you go to someone’s Instagram page, soon, you can scroll through and you will get a good suggestion what this label is about, what this person is about. And you don’t need to hard sell your products and services. People will get comfortable.

Oh, this is interesting, right? Yeah. So branding, labelling is nothing more than your honour. You’re building an online honour through Instagram. So that’s course number one. Way number two? Way number two is use Instagram storeys. Yes, what are Instagram legends? You you telling like bedtime narratives? What is that?( giggling) No, there’s no, it doesn’t have to be beginning, centre, tip. There’s no, you don’t have to tuck anybody in. Yes. Instagram stories is a 24 hour upright in a description format that you could use photos or you can do videos. Videos, you are familiar, personally, run a lot better because then it lets your gathering actually connect with you. And they’re not long narratives. We’re not is speaking to like an hour narrative. How long are they? 15 second dollops. 15 second clod. That’s how people consume the contents, right? You do a short, 15 second video, and you are able to interact, and it doesn’t have to be always like this kind of, like I’m talking to the camera video.

it was a great era. Appear at this, right, spurt, and that’s 15 second. That’s a story right there. Accurately. Why is that strong to stimulate a business? Everybody kinda knows, and if you don’t know, Instagram stories actually allow you to have a swipe up aspect, right? Ah, yes. But that’s unlocked after you get your first 10,000 admirers. Then Instagram disappears okay, this chap or daughter is legit. We’re gonna give them the ability to swipe up for their business. They’re committed to using this as platform, right? Now, you might be thinking hey, well, I only have a couple hundred or I merely have 1,000 or 2,000. What do I do, and how do I use floors? Right. It’s, so here’s the little hacker you do is that you literally just tell them in the narration to go to the link in your bio, and you can attach beings from your bio to whatever product or service.

To your website, to your landing page, to your present, to your Shopify account, to whatever it is that you’re promoting, right, an affiliate link. Precisely. So if they have less than 10,0000 adherents, hey, click the link, right? Travel to my bio and click on that attach. If you have more than 10,000 admirers, you can click on swipe up. When they click on swipe up, automatically, it makes them to the sheet. Now, that’s very critical because it’s one less stair that parties have to do. Less fighting. Yeah, less resist, or swipe up.

If you follow me on Instagram, by the behavior if you have not followed me on Instagram, you and I, we got a problem now. We got a problem, okay? Follow me on Instagram. At the very least, you will see how I do what I do on a epoch to date basis. Watch my narrations. Appear how I am stimulating my own personal firebrand. From that view alone, really from learning, you are able to learn a lot. So use storeys. I retain the first time you asked me to do a stories.

Tip number three is to leverage your foregrounds segment. Foregrounds, mm-hm. “Its probably” the most underutilized. These people. Area on most people’s Instagram profile. That’s right. Extremely as a business. So what are they? So highlightings is basically when you take a narrative that you used, so specially if you’ve done a advertisement or you’ve told beings to swipe up, it’s an evergreen nature of getting people to be able to access that tar or that storey or that what it is you did on the main feed, right? For telephone, yeah.

Yeah, basically, you can see we have little like graphics, a bit icon, right? Yeah. And you can create.  That’s right. So they can click on that, and they can watch that. When I saw this, this I know is powerful because instance, let’s say you have a storey “whos working” very well that’s generating leads and sales for you, well,’ cause it disappears in 24 hours. That’s right. That kinda sucks. But what if you can put that in a highlight? Then anytime after that, it’s like you have a proven selling article backed in the direct mail days.

You have a proven selling sense that you could use it again and again and again and exactly framed that privilege into your spotlights, and people are able to click on it. You can categorize it, and it will work for you again and again and again, again. Anyone who come across your chart, they can see it. I meditate another thing that what we have done well is it tells you very quickly.

You can do this as you grow more admirers. You can keep driving people to your bio link, doing more swipe up. Does Instagram attack us how many storeys we do every day? No. How many fibs can we do every day? As many as you want. As many as you’re comfortable with. So that’s why it’s so critical to get at that first 10,000 adherents so you are able to open this feature, so, so, so critical.

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